DinoPark Next Strategy, Tips and Tricks

Hi guys, I heard that you can earn free bitcoins in Telegram App’s DinoPark Next. So I tried to play with it for some time to see it for myself.

I’ve done some research about DinoPark Next in Telegram App but all other blogs are missing some important point, Payout Points. So, this post is about what I learned so far in this game.

This post contains referral links. Any new user to click & play the bot gives me a referral bonus. Remember to get the bonus just once. 🙏🏻

Telegram App’s DinoPark Next has two main goal, buy a lot of dinosaurs to mine Diamonds that can be converted to Money Bag and to acquire Payout Points to withdraw your Money Bags and turn it to real money. DinoPark Next is a bot in Telegram App, therefore you need to install Telegram App in Google Play Store if you’re using Android or App Store if you’re using iPhone before you play.

I will suggest to you in this post some strategy, tips & tricks in DinoPark Next in Telegram App.

Now, let’s talk about them.


Buy 20 Dimetrodon first then buy 20 Raptors and so on. The best strategy if you don’t intend to invest money in the game.

If you are willing to invest money in the game, look out for promos. There are promos like “x2500%” “x6 Payout Points” etc. Wait for promos before investing money.

If you are not willing to invest money, you should invest a lot of time. Getting your daily bonus, refer as much people to the game as you can.

One quick trick, post highly valuable content for beginners. If you have multiple phone numbers, use them to register in your own link.

Refer all your friends even they don’t want to play the game just let them register and get the bonus just once.

If you want to see payout proof, they have lots of links, so I won’t bother posting mine. It won’t make a difference either.

So there you go, that’s my full review of DinoPark Next in Telegram App. If you have any suggestions for tips and tricks or other strategy, I would appreciate a lot. Just post a comment below.

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