I'm Giuseppe

Chief Technology Officer at XCALLY with a background in team management, innovation, and software development. Adept at communication, leadership, and strategic project management, with a focus on fostering a creative work environment. Over 12 years of experience in technology planning, coding, and infrastructure development. Key achievements include leading digital innovation initiatives, creating new value propositions, and managing diverse teams to achieve specific goals.

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Strategic Innovation Leadership

Drove top-line growth, enhancing a culture of innovation and achieving cost reductions, significantly impacting operational optimization.

Visionary Project Management

Mastered rapid 'big picture' evaluation, conceptualizing and executing large-scale project visions efficiently.

Efficient Multitasking

Managed multiple projects simultaneously, overseeing full project lifecycle from staffing to execution.

End-to-End Project Ownership

Held full responsibility for staffing, design/architecture, modeling, and budgeting of projects, ensuring seamless execution.

Strategic Alignment and Stakeholder Engagement

Excelled in aligning Enterprise-level IT goals with business objectives by building trusted relationships with stakeholders.



As the first developer of XCALLY, I played a fundamental role in its inception and growth, contributing significantly to its success as a globally recognized omnichannel contact center software solution.

Key Contributions:

After graduating from university, I joined XCALLY in its infancy and wrote the initial lines of code, laying the groundwork for its evolution into a robust and versatile platform.

Provided technical expertise and guidance throughout the development process, shaping the software's architecture and functionality.

Established and led a talented team of over 25 developers and DevOps managers, fostering collaboration and innovation within the organization.

Introduced new processes and optimized development pipelines, improving efficiency and accelerating product delivery.

Contributed to the design and implementation of XCALLY's software architecture, ensuring scalability, reliability, and performance.

Currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer, I continue to oversee the project, driving its technological advancements and strategic direction.

My contributions to XCALLY have been instrumental in its growth and success, enabling businesses worldwide to effectively manage their customer interactions across various channels.



Technical skills | Coding | Innovation | Infrastructure | Technology planning | Web Software development | Architecture | Research

I bring a robust and comprehensive set of technical skills that span across development, testing frameworks, and various cutting-edge technologies. My proficiency includes expertise in both front-end and back-end development, along with extensive experience in continuous integration and deployment pipelines. I am adept at working with diverse database management systems, VoIP solutions, and cloud-based microservices architectures, particularly on AWS. These technical skills enable me to build scalable, efficient, and high-performance solutions, driving innovation and achieving strategic business goals.


Communication | Leadership | Strategy | Project management | Team management | Time management | Collaboration

With a strong foundation in soft skills, I excel in interpersonal communication, fostering collaboration, and inspiring teamwork. My leadership abilities drive strategic decision-making and effective project management, while my dedication to time management ensures productivity and efficiency. By prioritizing these skills, I create a positive and inclusive work environment, driving innovation and achieving collective goals.